HSB offer a full suite of services to assist with a site’s maintenance regime and regulatory compliance.

Annual Boiler Inspections

To assist with your Annual Boiler Insurance obligations and critical valve assets, we offer a complete door-to-door valve overhaul service which includes;

  • Collection of all associated valves and gauges
  • Stripping, inspection, overhaul and testing of valves
  • Testing and calibration of gauges
  • Return of all components including any necessary boiler spares (door joints, packing sleeves etc.) prior to your final Boiler Inspection

RPZ Testing & Certification

At HSB we are ideally suited to assist with the supply, commissioning and maintenance of RPZ valves. As per the Water Regulations, it is a legal requirement that RPZ valves on-site are annually tested to ensure valves are working as they should. All testing is carried out by a qualified and approved engineer, with certification provided as proof of testing and forwarded to the applicable authority on your behalf. As part of our service we provide no-obligation reminders when testing is due to ensure your system is compliant for years to come.

Steam Trap Testing

Assessing the condition of steam traps within a system is an essential part of any steam maintenance programme, to ensure that condensate is being removed as necessary and the system is running efficiently. Our steam trap survey consists of;

  • Catalogue and tag all traps within the scope of the survey
  • Assess trap suitability against the application
  • Identify any traps which have failed open/close or have separate issues (i.e. incorrect install)
  • Specify new/alternative traps for those in need of replacement

The completed survey is sent to the client on completion which includes the full catalogue of traps on-site, their condition, our findings and recommendations.

Gauge Calibration

HSB can calibrate a wide range of pressure and vacuum equipment to your exact requirements, as well as the repair and supply of new pressure gauges and pressure instruments. We offer one off calibration in addition to annual contracts which ensure all of your gauges are maintained accordingly. All calibrated gauges are supplied with a Calibration Certificate and UKAS testing reference.

Safety Valve Setting

Pressure relief valves are often the last safety device to prevent failure under increased pressure conditions, therefore it is essential that these critical components are regularly tested and set to suit each individual installation. HSB have an in-house testing rig which allows us to test and re-set a wide range of Pressure Relief devices, coupled with our refurbish and replacement service we offer a one-stop solution to ensuring your system is sufficiently protected. Our customers based in the North West benefit from a friendly personal door-to-door service, with most valves collected next day.